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One of the best sources out there for security tools, news, and good advice is Sophos, which is based out of the UK and has an office here in Vancouver. Disclaimer: I’m married to a Sophos employee, but I wouldn’t shill for just anyone who keeps the lights and Internet on at our place. Bob, who is not married to the company, is equally impressed.

What makes Sophos interesting from a communications and PR standpoint is that they’ve committed to taking the stance of a “trusted advisor.” Good will is such an unusual tactic in this hard-sell world that some are naturally suspicious of their aims, but Sophos continues to freely offer their knowledge and some of their tools to the community in order to keep us all safer. And it seems to pay off.

A few of their notable tools, free for personal use:

  • Sophos Mobile Security for Android
  • Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition
  • Virus Removal Tool
  • Sophos Free Encryption

Be sure to check out their Naked Security blog for the latest security news, and the Sophos Security Chet Chat (also available on iTunes) if you prefer listening to your news over reading it.

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