Stanford: Resources for Writers

Stanford University’s Program for Writing and Rhetoric is renowned both for its truly interdisciplinary approach to writing as well as for its adherence to, and study of, formal rhetoric in numerous sectors: forensics, advocacy, public affairs, the arts, technology, and academia. This resource does have an academic slant – it’s from Stanford, after all – but it’s useful for any writer or editor who seeks to be up to speed with the highest and most current standards of research and documentation, persuasion, oral communication, and learning. Particularly engaging is the website’s “Writing Matters” video series: interviews with Stanford professors describing “writing’s connection with academic and personal success.” Below Margot Gerritsen, Professor of Energy Resources Engineering, explains that “Writing stories is absolutely pivotal. If I can’t write a good story, sell what I’m doing, make cases and arguments for continued funding, I’m nowhere.”


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