“Time is of the essence.”

This story is from the online news publication “Jolt: The Journal of Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater” [in Washington State]:

Starting Monday, June 17, Intercity Transit will cease posting rider alerts on Facebook and X (formerly Twitter).  This decision comes in response to changes in the algorithms of these platforms, which prioritize content based on user interest rather than chronological order.  As a result, real-time updates have become ineffective and often cause confusion when delivered late. 

A decade or so ago, both Twitter and Facebook were praised for their utility in disseminating important information regarding urgent situations in real time. Indeed, back then their success in this was matchless when compared to traditional news organizations and municipal and other governmental public-communications arms. These platforms relinquished their salutary roles, though; in other words, they stopped giving a shit about helping people.

Addendum: Into this online-media environment “Jolt News” arrived in 2020. It is a vibrant and intelligent citizen-journalism platform that makes me smile in my heart. Anti-information behemoths are swallowing the old local journalism outlets. Long live the new alternatives. Olympia, Washington is my second hometown. This platform is how I keep up to date when I’m away.

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