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Hootsuite, Vancouver’s vaunted social media management company, has helpfully updated the design of its already excellent blog. There are fewer listicles and more how-to cheat sheets (a favourite genre of mine, as my students know). A couple of days ago writers Kari Olafson and Tony Tran published “2022 Social Media Image Sizes for All Networks” – a superb cheat sheet that provides proper image sizes and aspect ratios for things like profile photos, thumbnails, feed photos, story ads, and banners, etc., for all the major platforms. The story also provides links to easy-to-follow templates and other resources. It’s going to save me a ton of time.

Unhappy addendum: Today Hootsuite announced that it was laying off 30% of its employees. Here’s hoping the company rebounds before too long. – 9 August, ’22

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