I wish I had written this.

Back in the day a journalist for the Norfolk Pilot newspaper got his copy back from his editor with this note:

“Sorry it’s so short but a certain amount of muck, spleen, libel, hogwash, garbage, neologism, prurience, presumption, assumption, half-assumption, bobbers, quackery and jackassery to be excised. Well, maybe not HAD to be, but was.”

This is from my friend John Glionna’s terrific blog. John and I have been friends for 42 years, starting on the day the editor of our college newspaper, Jay Rosen, assigned John to be my Assistant Features Editor. Within an hour I realized that Glionna could generate more story ideas in a minute than I could in a semester and that he wrote at top speed and beautifully. I gave him my position shortly thereafter.

John has had a very successful career as a reporter, both in the United States and in Asia. His blog is something else. His posts are frequent and full-story length (and dazzlingly vivid) – not bite-size hot-takes. You should subscribe.

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