Time for some PD

It has been awhile since I taught a digital marketing course at my university. It was such a fun class! My third-year students all helped one another (and me) keep abreast of new apps and innovations – literally on a weekly basis; there was no other way to be up to date.

Although I spend a good part of every day online and communicating professionally and personally via social media, I am now oh so woefully behind and would be utterly unprepared to teach that class again – without a ton of professional development. So, it is back to Hootsuite’s marvelous array of blogs and resources for me. That company’s writers are a godsend. This morning I am slowly exploring Tony Tran‘s post on “21 of the Best Social Media Apps for Marketers in 2020” – at least half of which I’ve never heard of before.

Right now I’m having fun going back and forth between Crello and Canva, easy-to-play-with graphic-design apps (I’m challenged in that universe).

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