Getting it over on Google

As someone who has taught digital and social media to super-smart marketing students, this cracked me up:

Why would Rudy Giuliani associate and indicted dealmaker Lev Parnas name his company “Fraud Guarantee”?

Is there a worse name for a company with the stated mission of helping “reduce the risk of fraud”?

Well, Parnas apparently had a reason for the unusual name: Google search results.

When Parnas and Fraud Guarantee co-founder David Correia set up the company, Parnas picked the name so that people Googling the words “Parnas” and “Fraud” would see something positive — Parnas’ business — rather than his long history of legal trouble.

The Wall Street Journal reported the factoid on Thursday citing unnamed people familiar with the matter.

Read more at “WSJ: Parnas Named His Company ‘Fraud Guarantee’ To Goose Search Results.”

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