Make Room for Working

“Of the three goals to which all aspire – success in love, in society, and in profession – only two are plausible simultaneously: you can’t have a smooth love life, a rich social life, and still get your work done. …


“Among the rare positive attributes of aging is the involuntary urge to find patterns: if I had not exactly forgotten that I too was reared a Quaker, I had suppressed it; suddenly this Quaker island [Nantucket] spoke – as we Quakers say – to my condition, and this condition was not godly but juvenile, free of lust and longing, like a child alone in the giant potential of his nursery. Anyone can waste himself but only I can pen my tunes, and the time had come.” – Ned Rorem, from “Out of Nantucket,” in Other Entertainment (1984)

Students Look at Digital Media

Students in my “Marketing in a Digital World” class at Kwantlen Polytechnic University have been keeping one another up to date on developments in digital and social media with their blogs and their classroom presentations. This class would be impossible to teach without the range and intelligence of their regular contributions. I think you will enjoy their work. #MRKT3311 is their twitter-feed.

In recent posts Rashad Khan discusses Twitter’s new “twitter card” platform and scorpiogirl8 shows you how to create your own infographics.

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